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ESL Emergencies, Page 2

by www.elcivics.com
House Damaged from Hurricane Katrina

What natural disaster damaged this house?

  • A hurricane.

  • Hurricanes are severe tropical storms with lots of rain and extremely strong winds.

  • Hurricanes damage buildings and cars.


A Road Damaged from an Earthquake

What caused this road to split?

  • An earthquake.

  • An earthquake is a violent shaking of the Earth's crust.

  • Large earthquakes destroy buildings, bridges, and roads.


A Tornado Touching the Ground

What is this?

  • It is a tornado.

  • Tornadoes are narrow funnel-shaped columns of air.

  • They are also called twisters or cyclones.

  • Tornadoes can pick up houses and vehicles.


Car Stuck in a Flood

What kind of natural disaster is this?

  • It's a flood.

  • Floods happen when it rains very hard for a long time.

  • The car in this picture is stuck in a flood.

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