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Gateway Arch Tour - Page 2

Gateway Arch Tour by Horse
Gateway Arch Tour by Horse

When was the Gateway Arch built?

It was built in 1965.

Who designed the Gateway Arch?

It was designed by Eero Saarineh, an American architect originally from Finland. Unfortunately, he died from a brain tumor four years before it was finished.

How tall is the Gateway Arch and what is it made from?

It is 630 feet tall (192 m) and is made from concrete, stainless steel, and other material.

Old Courthouse from Dred Scott Case
Old Courthouse from Dred Scott Case

Is Saint Louis the capital of Missouri?

No, it isn't. The capital of Missouri is Jefferson City. The building in this picture is the Old Courthouse.

What does the Gateway Arch represent?

It represents the westward expansion of the United States. Until the late 1800s, the United States border ended near the Mississippi River.

In 1803, President Thomas Jefferson bought a large piece of land west of the Mississippi River from France. This purchase, called the Louisiana Purchase, doubled the size of the United States.

Gateway Arch Museum of Westward Expansion
Gateway Arch Museum of Westward Expansion

Can visitors go to the top of the Gateway Arch?

Yes, they can. They can ride special trams to the observation deck at the top of the arch.

What is the name of the museum under the Gateway Arch?

It is the Museum of Westward Expansion. Visitors can watch movies about the construction of the Gateway Arch and about the history of the area.

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