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American Bald Eagle, Page 2

by www.elcivics.com
Bald Eagle Head

What do bald eagles look like?

  • Bald eagles have white feathers on their heads and brown feathers on their bodies. Their beaks are yellow and curved.

Do eagles have excellent eyesight?

  • Yes, they do.


Bald Eagle Talons

What color are their feet?

  • Eagles have yellow feet with sharp, black, curved talons. They use their talons to catch fish.


American Bald Eagle with Fish

What is the wingspan of the bald eagle?

  • The wingspan of the adult female bald eagle is 7 feet or 2.1 meters. For males it is 6 feet and 6 inches or 2 meters. Females weigh about 12.8 pounds or 5.8 kg and males weigh 9 pounds or 4.1 kg.

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