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Easter Lesson, Page 3

by www.elcivics.com
Chocolate Easter Bunnies

What are these rabbits made of?

  • They are made of chocolate.

  • These chocolate rabbits are cute, and they taste delicious.


Rabbit with Long Ears

What kind of animal is this?

  • It is a rabbit.

  • Children call baby rabbits bunnies, but they are really kits or kittens.

  • Rabbits have long ears and short tails.

  • Rabbits hop because their back legs are longer than their front legs.


Woman wearing an Easter Bonnet with Flowers for the Holiday

What is this woman wearing on her head?

  • She is wearing an Easter bonnet.

  • An Easter bonnet is a fancy hat.

  • This bonnet is pink, and it has flowers on it.

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