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Civics Lesson and Civic Responsibilities

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Civics is the study of government and politics. Students in civics classes study the rights and responsibilities of citizens and residents. Civic responsibilities include paying taxes, voting, registering for military service, serving on a jury, and obeying the law. The power of the United States government comes from the people, so it is important for people to understand their civic duties and responsibilities. Students in American schools and people applying to become U.S. citizens must take a civics test that covers American history and government. (3 pages)

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What is civics?

  • Civics is the study of government and politics.

  • The United States is a free country, so people can express their opinions freely.

  • You can write the President of the United States and tell him what you think.


Police Officers Enforce the Law

What is the rule of law?

  • The rule of law means everyone must obey the law, including citizens, non-citizens, and government leaders.

  • The police and the courts enforce the laws.

  • The police and the courts must also obey the laws.

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