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Arbor Day Lesson, Page 3

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Controlled Burn to Prevent Forest Fires

Controlled Burn

  • Forest fires kill animals, trees, plants, and sometimes people. They also destroy houses, vehicles, and roads.

  • In order to prevent the spread of forest fires, firefighters start "controlled fires".




  • Deforestation is the permanent removal of forests.

  • Forests are removed to provide land for farms, houses, factories, stores, and roads. Forests are also cut down so the wood can be sold for profit.


Girl in a Treehouse

Child's Tree House

  • This girl is in a tree house. A tree house is a small room built around the trunk of a tree. It usually rests on several strong branches.

  • Children climb up the trunk of the tree to enter the tree house. Sometimes they nail pieces of wood to the trunk of the tree to making climbing easier.

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