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Arbor Day Lesson, Page 2

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J. Sterling Morton, Founder of Arbor Day

J. Sterling Morton

  • National Arbor Day was founded by J. Sterling Morton in Nebraska City in 1872.

  • There weren't many trees in Nebraska at the time and Morton thought it would be a good idea for groups to plant trees in the city.


Sheep Resting in the Shade of a Tree

Animals Need Trees

  • Trees provide shade for animals, a home for birds and insects, and a place for animals to escape from predators.

  • Trees also produce oxygen, which is used by both animals and people.


Wood Framing for a New House

People Need Trees

  • Wood from trees are used to build houses, boats, furniture, and other items. They also provide food like fruits and nuts.

  • Trees create protective wind barriers and beautiful spaces where people can relax.

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