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  • Arizona's state animal is the ringtail.
  • Ringtails are 15-19 inches (39-46 cm) long. They live 16-19 years in the wild and 27 years if kept in zoos.
  • Ringtails have long, bushy tails with black and white stripes. Their tails are longer than their bodies.


Couple Looking at the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

  • Arizona's nickname is The Grand Canyon State.
  • The Grand Canyon was created by water from the Colorado River.
  • The canyon is 277 miles (446 km) long and a mile (1.83 km) deep.


Hogan - Navajo Mud House


  • There are many Indian reservations in Arizona.
  • This is a Navajo indian house or a hogan. It is made from wood and red mud.
  • The doorways of hogans always face the east so the sun can enter the house in the morning and bring good luck.

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