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Couple Walking on the Beach During Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation

by elcivics.com

Summer vacation is time to relax and have fun. Most schools are closed and some people get a few weeks off from their jobs. It's a great time to go new places and try new activities. Summer is the most popular season for going on a cruise, spending time at the beach, golfing, playing baseball, rafting, hiking, gardening, and grilling food outside. Summer is from June 21 to September 20. (3 pages)

Cruise Ship Going to Mexico

What is this?

  • It is a cruise ship.

  • The people on the ship are taking a vacation.

  • They are going to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.


Man Playing Golf

What is he doing?

  • He is playing golf.

  • He just hit the golf ball with a golf club.

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