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Student Loans Lesson

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Earning a college degree is one of the best things you can do for your future. Workers with college degrees earn much more money than those who only have a high school diploma. Since few students can afford to pay cash for their college tuition, the federal government and banks lend them money to cover educational costs such as tuition, books, and room and board. Students should apply for a federal student loan before applying for a private loan. In this lesson, you will learn facts and vocabulary words related to finding, qualifying, and applying for a student loan. (3 pages)

College Students at UCLA Campus in California

What is a student loan?

  • A student loan is money you borrow from the federal government, a bank, or a lending institution in order to attend college, a vocational school, or a technical school.
  • The money you get from a loan must be paid back.



How do you apply for a student loan?

  • You apply for a student loan by contacting your school's financial aid office or a bank and completing and returning the application they send you.
  • Some student loan applications can be completed online.


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