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Maids Cleaning the Kitchen

Household Chores

by elcivics.com

Household chores include cooking, washing the dishes, sweeping and vacuuming floors, washing clothes, taking out the trash, and cutting the grass. Most people don't like to do household chores. Modern machines and household cleaning products make keeping our homes clean easier than ever before. (3 pages)

Clean Kitchen

Why are household chores important?

  • Keeping our homes neat and clean allows us to organize our lives.
  • People enjoy life more when their homes are clean and neat.


Man Ironing a Shirt and Holding a Baby

Who does most of the household chores in a typical family?

  • In most families, women still do more household chores than men.
  • In some families, men help with the housework.
  • The man in this photo is holding a baby and ironing a shirt.


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