EL Civics for ESL Students

Animals at the Zoo Lesson, Page 2

by elcivics.com
Lions Resting

What kind of animals are these?

  • They are lions.

  • Lions have light brown fur, and males have a mane around their necks.

  • Lions live in Africa and Asia, with a small number left in India.


Group of Orangutans

What kind of animals are these?

  • They are orangutans.

  • Orangutans have long arms and reddish-brown hair.

  • They live in rainforests on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra, which are in southeastern Asia.


Flamingos in Pond

What kind of animals are these?

  • They are flamingos.

  • Flamingos have pink feathers, long thin necks, and long thin legs.

  • Flamingos live throughout the world.

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