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ESL Emergencies, Page 3

by www.elcivics.com
Man Having a Heart Attack

What is the emergency?

  • Heart attack.

  • A heart attack is a serious and painful interruption of the heart's normal beating.

  • Heart attacks are due to a blockage in the coronary artery.

  • People who are having a heart attack put their hands over their chest.


Pickpocket Stealing a Wallet

What kind of crime is this?

  • Pick pocketing.

  • A pickpocket is a thief who steals from people's pockets, purses, and bags in public places.


Thief Stealing a Car

What kind of crime is this?

  • Car theft.

  • Many cars are stolen each year.

  • The car thief in this picture is using a tool to open the car door.

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