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ESL Banking Lesson

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Banks are a safe place to keep your money. They use security guards, security cameras, alarms, and vaults to protect your cash. Banks offer financial services like checking accounts, savings accounts, loan departments, and investment plans. They are a good place to get rolls of coins, cashier's checks, money orders, and savings bonds. Almost all banks have ATM machines outside their buildings and some banks even have drive-thru windows. (3 pages)

Traditional Bank Building

What is a bank?

  • A bank is a safe place to keep your money.

  • Banks provide financial services to customers.

  • Financial services include savings accounts, checking accounts, money orders, loans, and investment plans.


Bank Teller

What kind of job does this woman have?

  • She is a bank teller.

  • Bank tellers deposit and withdraw money from bank accounts, cash checks, and sell money orders.

  • Some banks offer free checking accounts.

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